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My name is Guinevere. I live in Baltimore. I enjoy my dog, hardwood floors, cooking with wine, and my friends, who are commonly good-looking as well as intelligent. 
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The fifteenth was simple.


Star Trek.

and a clean room, which looks like this.

The sixteenth appears to have faded from my memory. I know I studied at the library; I've been haunting the place like a poltergeist recently.

And, ah, the seventeenth.

cloudy day breakfast.

Jack and I cuddled inside.

I think he has a crush on our Captain.

But I had to head out sometime. It was, er, brisk.

I always turn back to Howard Zinn when I need something pure and simple and good to read.

When I returned, Kate and Dylan were cooking!

Well, Kate was cooking.

The three of us went downtown.

Heavy Seas was doing a promotion at Niner's! There were free pint glasses for the purchase of Black Cannon, the new IPA. Quite sweet for an IPA, but thick, like bitter cake batter.

We switched glasses at some point.

Brendan even came out! He gave me a few records that he had repeats of, as well.

Jack had waited up for me. It was only ten thirty.

The eighteenth started out similarly, but it was a beautiful day!

Sunny days call for short skirts.

I took special note of an inscription that a previous tenant had left on the tile. "May you live long and prosper." Dated April 9, 1916.

I began this blog, and worked on it into the afternoon.

Brendan and I tried to go to the gym, but it was closed. So we watched QI instead! Quite Interesting is a great game show where the comedian contestants earn points for having interesting answers. It involves several of my favorite things, including Stephen Fry, factual nonsense, and British comedians. This episode was about Justice!

Brendan's cat, Loki, was quite friendly. Friendly or exploitative.

We went to see a documentary at the Palace Theatre afterward, which is a lovely, small theatre that shows one movie one weekend out of the month. Naturally, I made it a point to visit.

They used to have exclusive memberships, but have opened their doors recently.

The movie, which claimed to be a "docu-mystery" was a curious family history about an Israeli man's Zionist grandparents and their Nazi best friends. Most of the "mysteries" could frankly have been solved with wikipedia, but it was an odd pleasure listening to the narrator's Israeli Hebrew accent for two hours. 

I persuaded Brendan to visit my favorite Chinese restaurant afterward.

We compared caffiene levels, and talked about movies.

x Guinevere

Arthur Visits, January 13 & 14

Had a lovely, cozy mid-January weekend (well, Sunday and Monday) with Arthur, who I coaxed into visiting me.

I tempted him with Mexican food, which I promptly bought for him.

We even managed to walk both dogs at once.

Then invited Brendan over for board games. Here's Game of Thrones!

I wore this, and braided my hair as accorded the Southron Fashion. 

Jack was perplexed, but involved heavily. 

The next morning I made special breakfast, Huevos Rancheros. 

Arthur was master of the pug-pets as we watched Moneyball.

A few more hours of lazing around before we went to Dana and Ian's for dinner. Lots of flour called for an old t-shirt. 

We home-made three pounds (!) of gnocchi, and promptly ate it all! while watching old fantasy films, of course.

x Guinevere

My first week living in Cumberland!

The first week, especially after Arthur left, would be a test of my internal fortitude! ...my intestinal, mental endurance against the forces of cultureshock (not really), solitude (questionable), and especially, relative boredom, seeing as I spent about an hour in my new office!

Definitely the most difficult part has been having so much free time. There are many things to do and see, but going from having multiple jobs, and working many in one day, to having one job which hasn't really started yet has been tough on the brains. I've spent a lot of time in the library, studying, on my computer, applying to volunteer opportunities, and watching old episodes of Star Trek (creature comforts).

After company had departed, it was time to tackle unpacking!

Jack and I started Twin Peaks while I started to distribute the miscellanea in so many boxes.

He distracted me with his good looks.

By evening, I didn't get so very far.

Kate and I went to see this play, starring her boyfriend, who is pictured in the foreground.

She, of course, laughed the loudest, and with the most distinguishable humor.

Throughout the week, though we had little to do, Jack and I rose at about eight. Here he is recovering from sleep.

I cleaned for most of the day, and then joined Ian and Dana for dinner and movies.

Ian and Dana are coincidentally, the most handsome couple I know; here they are pictured at a party some time ago:

We watched the little-seen sixty minute pilot of BBC Sherlock, and the making-of documentary (a recent obsession of theirs, the making-ofs) as well as a Danny Boyle movie called The Beach. It wasn't very good, but, ah, Leonardo DiCaprio:

Our poor wine bottle became overwhelmed and withdrew its own cork. Ah.

The next day found a similar routine; I visited the office for the first time, enjoying my new manager and the new equipment I'll be handling. The day itself was rather dismal, I'm afraid, but I enjoyed the rain and the wet, foggy atmosphere.

Cumberland, though small and dwindling, is a beautiful old city.

Kate and I soothed our soggy spirits with homemade chicken and lime soup, and the Vicar of Dibley:.

The next day would be one for the Washington Street library.
I wore this.

I was excited to study, again, finally, but found myself instead overwhelmed by Craig Thompson's Habibi, a beautiful book with blended Islamic mythology and cultural signifiers with themes of power, cleanliness, modernity, sexuality.

Reading with Guinevere!

Afterward, Kate entreated me to join her for tacos.

This young man wished us welcome.

The next morning, I was quite excited. Arthur would be arriving soon.