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My name is Guinevere. I live in Baltimore. I enjoy my dog, hardwood floors, cooking with wine, and my friends, who are commonly good-looking as well as intelligent. 
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Arthur Visits, January 13 & 14

Had a lovely, cozy mid-January weekend (well, Sunday and Monday) with Arthur, who I coaxed into visiting me.

I tempted him with Mexican food, which I promptly bought for him.

We even managed to walk both dogs at once.

Then invited Brendan over for board games. Here's Game of Thrones!

I wore this, and braided my hair as accorded the Southron Fashion. 

Jack was perplexed, but involved heavily. 

The next morning I made special breakfast, Huevos Rancheros. 

Arthur was master of the pug-pets as we watched Moneyball.

A few more hours of lazing around before we went to Dana and Ian's for dinner. Lots of flour called for an old t-shirt. 

We home-made three pounds (!) of gnocchi, and promptly ate it all! while watching old fantasy films, of course.

x Guinevere

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