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My name is Guinevere. I live in Baltimore. I enjoy my dog, hardwood floors, cooking with wine, and my friends, who are commonly good-looking as well as intelligent. 
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Move & Housewarming

Before I left, a few loose ends were decidedly tied up.

After all, there was a dollar off craft beer at McGlynn's.

Excuse my obvious instagram-ing

My favorite domestic pair came to join me.

The following day, Arthur took me for dinner. We joined Katie to play the card game I bought her for Christmas, Miskatonic School for Girls, a Lovecraftian card game that allows you to purchase student warriors to fight off the monsters you hoist on your opponents' decks. Arthur won by quite a bit. 

The art was pleasant!

The next day, Arthur and I journeyed to White Hall, where our friend Jake lives and centers his life around graduate school and gaming! Something I admire.

We played Fortune and Glory, an adventure game that resembles Arkham Horror with an Indiana Jones theme.

The drive to and from White Hall is always a favorite. There's something about being a passenger on long trips, when Arthur drives.

My last day of work was in Port Deposit on the sixth, after days of packing.

The drive was solitary. I always forget how long it is, from Elkton to Cumberland.

My first day living in Cumberland, all of my favorite people stopped into town! Here is Matt, when we stopped at the Arts Council to review the paintings, sculptures and such.

Downtown Cumberland is half beautiful and half vacant; here is one of the old department stores that lie abandoned.

We've moved on to lunch, at the Baltimore Street Pub. Here is Kayla, one of the most beautiful women I've had the pleasure of meeting. She lives in Hagerstown while pursuing her master's degree in Neuropsychology.

Her long-term beau, Kyle, was in town for Christmas break. He normally lives in Memphis, where he attends school studying Egyptology.

Matt was very passionate about something; the conversation was too good to remember wholly.

At night, my new house (I live on the third floor with my friend Kate and her boyfriend, Dylan) was lit up considerably.

Kate and Kayla absorbed in conversation. Matt tended to his phone and his poetry. I made chili and cornbread; Dana provided mac and cheese.

The balcony is one of my favorite features.

Dana, giggling. Her boyfriend, Ian, was wrapped up behind her, unfortunately sickly.

And, to the kitchen!

I always end sitting on this floor.

Matt and I entertaining the dogs. It was a lovely party.

The next morning, we managed to achieve real-person status and buy food! And drink lots of tea to nurse ourselves.

Board games were played.

After Kyle and Kayla departed, Arthur and I explored downtown and watched the pilot episode of Next Generation; always a nasty surprise to see Lieutenant Riker with a beard.

Then Arthur left. C'est la Vie

x Guinevere

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