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My name is Guinevere. I live in Baltimore. I enjoy my dog, hardwood floors, cooking with wine, and my friends, who are commonly good-looking as well as intelligent. 
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Christmas & New Year

My family does Christmas on the 24th, as per the sanctity of tradition. "Tradition", in this case, being code for "Holiday Pay".

Katie, in this time, had achieved bangs. Adorable.

Luckily, my friends arrived soon. Lots of "Raging Bitch", which is my favorite. 

All of my generation have children, so of course they filled the house. Lucian (here) is like my sister was (and still is), beaming at the sight of a camera, open and lovable.

Katie with our cousin Raymond.

All of the kids made the whole festivity much more pleasant.

Arthur arrived later in the night. Here he is, a beacon of calm when my room was so messy! In the process of moving, here.

Christmas Day, we ventured to Connecticut to visit Arthur's relatives. No photos. Everyone is wealthy, there. The adventure was nice.

I rung in the New Year with the usual crowd.

And 120 jello cups.

Steven inspects a beer.

Heather stuns us with her good looks.

Ah, love. Happy New Year.

x Guinevere

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